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For example, if more money is being bet on a favorite, the oddsmaker will give a point or two to the underdog to try to entice people to bet on the underdog to even up the action. If there is even money bet on both sides of a bet then the book maker is guaranteed a profit no matter who wins the game because of the 10% juice they collect. This is how.. Read More

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There are scads of different ways to place a bet — point spreads, futures, money lines, propositions all tailored to one’s personal taste. It is seen less as an unsavory underworld operation. It has become more mainstream. Most people polled have no problem with legal gambling. It is too easy to be influenced by commentators. After adopting this tactic for a number of fights you will become as good a judge as any.. Read More

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It’s life. Why do people like to bet on sports? Why do people like to do anything that’s a little on the edge? It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s risky, it’ s stimulating. With sports gambling, it’s predicting the future of sorts. It’s matching your wits with the experts. Some people say they feel as if they are part of the game because, in a way, they are competing. Sports gambling is available year-round… Read More

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Important Things to Know About Welcome Bonus and Other Promotional Offers

Welcome Bonus offers are the most effective tools used by online casinos in attracting newbie gamblers to register and place a deposit at their gaming site. After all, it’s hard to pass up an offer of extra money to use as wagers, when playing video slots and casino table games online. Still, it’s always best practice to know the terms and conditions covering promotional cash offers before actually registering for membership.

Some online casinos offer a certain number of Free Spins as Welcome Bonus. Obviously, this type of Welcome Bonus applies only to slot games. Just the same, a new member can only receive the Free-Spins Bonus by placing a real money deposit upon registration. Moreover, just like the Welcome Bonus that offer Free Money, Free Spins Bonus are also subject to Wagering Requirements.

Understanding Wagering Requirements on Promotional Bonus Offers

Welcome Bonus offers are subject to wagering requirements. This denotes that when placing bets on casino games, the amounts are first applied as reductions of the free money credited in your account. If you were able to amass some winnings while playing with free money, you cannot withdraw them immediately.

The wagering requirement comes into play as the equivalent amount of real money you must place as bets before withdrawal of winnings on bonus money is allowed. Once you meet this requirement, it’s only then that you will be able to withdraw the free-money winnings.

While an online casino player is not required to immediately meet the wagering requirement in a single day of play, online casinos impose a certain period within which you can meet the wagering requirement. Otherwise, going beyond the period without meeting the wagering requirement will cause a forfeiture of the money you won using the Welcome Bonus.

That being the case, newbies are advised to first make a comparison of the Welcome Bonus, the related wagering requirements, as well as the period the bonus is in effect, before deciding on the online casino in which to engage in recreational gambling activities.

Other Factors to Look For In an Online Casino

While it’s basic to first look if the operator of the online gambling website is licensed by a certain jurisdiction, the online gaming operation must also be subject to regulatory oversight by a reputable gambling regulator.

It is also best to look at the providers of the casino games available for real-money gambling in the online casino. There’s a host of video slot and casino table games developers who have established excellent reputation for creating outstanding casino games. These igaming companies are also licensed, while their games undergo lab testing before they are allowed to deploy them at online casinos.

Another advantage of playing at an online casino supported by well-established igaming companies is the availability of additional promotional bonuses. Game developers also compete with each other in attracting online casino customers to play with their video slots. While they try to outdo each other with the reward-giving features incorporated in their video slots, some hold free tournaments in which players compete to achieve the highest winnings within a specific period of time.

The most recent promotional offer incorporated as independent features of a slot game is the Rebate Bonus. Here, the slot provider automatically awards a bonus by giving back a percentage of the total deposit placed by the customer while playing the slot game on a per day basis. Still, just like the Welcome Bonuses, any winnings gained from the Rebate Money is subject to wagering requirements.

Playtech for one offers cash rebate at a minimum of 1% of the total deposits placed on a particular Playtech slot. That is regardless of whether the player won or lost after playing with the slot. The great thing about Playtech is that its games are available worldwide, including in Asia, specifically the Malaysia-facing online casino site mega888.

However to access the game, you must first register at this URL https://www.mymega888.com/ . That way, you can get in touch with an online casino staff who will assist you in downloading the mobile app and in placing the initial deposit.

Never back any reality TV contender who appears to have half or more of his/her brain still intact to win the contest. Always assume that any official statement from a football club relating to an event on which you may be planning to bet – e.g. dismissal of current boss, appointment of another one, potential purchase/sale of players – is complete and utter tosh.   Always watch a boxing match with the sound.. Read More