It’s life. Why do people like to bet on sports? Why do people like to do anything that’s a little on the edge? It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s risky, it’ s stimulating. With sports gambling, it’s predicting the future of sorts. It’s matching your wits with the experts. Some people say they feel as if they are part of the game because, in a way, they are competing. Sports gambling is available year-round.


One can bet on football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, golf, and more. The sports gambler has a sense of control. At least the smart ones do. Also, society has become more accepting of sports gambling. There are many good, hardworking, smart, honest people who like to gamble on sports.


With all the crap that goes on today — with pop culture being what it is, with corrupt governments spending out of control, with CEO’s gutting companies (and getting away with it), with oil and pharmaceutical companies gouging the public, with our military being told to fight wars with one hand tied behind it’s back, with all the crap that goes on in today’s world, heck – sports gambling is tame by comparison. In the information age in which we live, sports gambling has become more convenient.