Do you need money for a vacation or the holidays? Or are you just a fan of progressive betting systems? For a variety of reasons, some bettors are looking for ways to make money quickly from betting. The Bet & Bank system is a system that makes this possible. You can build a betting bankroll with it in a short time, while it does not involve too much risk. This article explains how the Bet & Bank system works, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other betting systems. On the basis of this information, you can determine for yourself whether you want to try it out in practice.

Explanation Bet & Bank system
The idea behind Bet & Bank is that you use earned winnings in subsequent bets. As a rule, you bet on low odds bets, and you regularly put money in the bank, which means you put it aside and don’t use it further in the betting sequence. For these reasons, this is a moderately progressive system. To start, you choose a starting amount to bet with. This could be, for example, € 10. With this starting amount, you make a series of bets using the system. That series only stops when you lose, or no longer feel the need to continue playing. You bet the $ 10, and if you win, you have two choices: continue with all the money won, or “bank” $ 10 and continue with the remainder. In principle, you choose to bank whenever your total amount exceeds double your original bet. In this case, that limit is therefore € 20. It is advisable to choose odds that are below 2.00, and that therefore have an expected value of more than 50%. Logically, you will not exceed double your first stake with your first bet. This often works with the second bet. The moment you first put your original bet in the bank, you have a ‘freeroll’. Now you won’t lose anyway, and the longer your winning streak lasts, the more ‘quick money you can make.

Advantages and disadvantages
The big advantage of the Bet & Bank system is that you immediately put your winnings to work. This allows you to make a profit faster than if you put all your winnings aside and stay on the same bet amount. A disadvantage is that a series ends as soon as you lose, and this can of course also happen on the first bet or before you have managed to make a profit. However, because you regularly put money in the bank, and because you always bet on favorites, the risks are manageable. Moreover, the risk of losing is always present in sports betting, and not only with this system.

Bet & Bank vs. other systems
In principle, in ‘apostas esportivas’, it is best to determine the bet amount based on the value of the odds. For example, you can use the more standard system of Units of Points. You then set a standard bet amount based on your total available money, which you hold onto for a longer period of time. If you see a bet with good value, you could bet a little more, but as a rule, you opt for one unit as the bet. The Units system is more traditional. It is based on steady growth, which is ultimately the method that deserves the first recommendation. However, the standard way is not the right way for everyone. Some people prefer to take a little more risk because they don’t like it when sports betting doesn’t allow for a quick result. For them, the sleek nature of Units is simply not a realistic option to get started with. If you recognize yourself in this profile, or just want to try something different, Bet & Bank is a good system to consider. You put a little more risk into betting and have a chance of faster winnings, but at the same time, the risks are not nearly as extreme as with other progressive betting systems such as Martingale.