The United States’ police departments have recently intensified their efforts to bring down illegal gambling operations throughout the country. There are substantially fewer gambling operations as a result of these recent crackdowns. Many folks may probably move in to fill the void left by internet gambling dens, but it’ll be much more difficult for them to avoid the lawmen’s watchful eyes.





In Los Angeles, One Person Has Been Arrested

Some shady characters in Los Angeles have indeed been flowing a relatively large betting den in San Fernando Valley. All of this was put to rest when the local police department arrived to shut down the operation. They have been able to capture more than a dozen individuals who participated in one way or another with the assistance of SWAT team members. Only one of those detained was arrested; no information about the individuals personal involvement with the illegal business operation has been released.



Problems with Illegal Gambling in New York

Unsurprisingly, New York has had to deal with a number of issues involving illegal gambling, extortion, and other criminal activities. Recently, the New York  Police conducted a clamp down with the assistance of federal officials. In connection with the aforementioned activities, approximately 20 suspects were apprehended on Staten Island.