Play is the basic human mode. The play has many purposes. You can use gambling or gaming to process impressions, learn, get to know yourself, develop healthy self-confidence, strengthen resilience and much more.

What are gaming and gambling?

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Despite centuries of consideration and research, no definition of the game has prevailed to this day that does justice to all facets of the game. There are several reasons for this.

On the one hand, the bounce card game goes through many stages in the course of human life. A baby plays differently than a five-year-old, a ten-year-old differently than adults.

Second, the game is going through cultural shifts. When you think of “game” you probably think of football, Monopoly or World of Warcraft. Most of today’s games were created in the industrialized era for gambling. They are accordingly competitive and performance-oriented.

Thirdly, games are enormously colorful. In your language, for example, words such as card game, computer game, the game of chance, puzzle game, intrigue game, and power game have established themselves.

Gambling games comprise three components

The activity is self-selected. Only you can decide what feels like a game for you. If you have to play, it’s game over for you.

The activity is challenging. So it fits perfectly with your abilities at this point in time. If you were bored or overwhelmed by the activity, it wouldn’t feel like a game to you.

The goal is in the challenge. You don’t play to complete a specific achievement or tick off a pending item. You play for the sake of the game because you enjoy it.

The magic of gaming and gambling

Anyone who plays feels the special magic of the games. The world stands still. You are completely caught up in your activity.

In order to achieve this state, some things have to be in balance. What you do is in balance with what you want to do. You are very serious about it, but at the same time with a relaxed attitude.

Reality shakes hands with imagination and control with trust. You access both the conscious and the subconscious.

What you can do, the known is supplemented by the new and the unknown. As a result, you are in a stable state that is nevertheless flexible. The stability makes you feel safe, the unknown creates insecurity, but also the necessary tension.